Meatballs with Fava Beans and Lemon

The funny thing is, we’re giving up red meat and foul. But we had some left in the freezer so I dug through to find some new things to try. The meatballs here are more wet than the kofta, simply by including an egg. They also have capers mixed in, which is interesting. Added a nice salty to the taste.

I’ve found that the cooking is really increasing my patience. Oh I’m a mess in the kitchen, but the mise en place preparations and the structure of the cooking is making me slow down and think through faster. Where I’m normally a few steps ahead and tend to trip over myself, here in the unfamiliar land I’m reading and waiting like I’ve been instructed.

Plus the food has been really phenomenal.

The Fava beans are a nice color to this. And the lemon juice adds a kick to brighten it up. We ate it with some left over mejadra from the previous recipe.

Source: Jerusalem, pg XX-XX