Little Drummer Boy Challenge – 2016

Attention everyone who dares to go out into the wild of malls, coffee shops, airports, and similar public places. The Little Drummer Boy Challenge is on, starting December 1st.

What’s this, you ask? Why it’s a game to see who can go the longest without hearing that song. And to up the ante this year, if you lost, you have to donate at least $5 to a charity of your choice. If you make it to December 26th, you are a ‘winner’!

What do you win? Nothing except bragging rights.

The Rules

To enter, leave a comment with the name of your charity of choice. Reply to your comment when you’re out.

  1. You have to go into public places or listen to a ‘radio’ station that plays Christmas Music at least once a week. Those of you who work at home, think of this as a reminder that getting out of the house is good for you. Starbucks counts. If your workplace plays music, that counts.
  2. Someone playing the song to make you intentionally lose doesn’t count (and if they’re playing, they’re now disqualified).
  3. Children singing doesn’t count (this includes caroling) so no, you can’t skip the kid’s performance at school.
  4. Muzak versions count. Beware the elevator.
  5. TV commercials count.
  6. TV shows and movies count.

2016 Addendum

In the memory of Ziggy Stardust, this version of Little Drummer Boy does not count for 2016:

Peace on earth indeed.