Lazy Passover Pizza

For Passover, we don’t eat bread. The bread of affliction, aka Matzah, is something my non-kosher keeping friends look at me oddly about. After all, they like crackers. Sure, so do I. But when you can’t have bagels or grain or anything except that damned bread, well it makes for a long week. We spend most of our time trying to pretend what we’re eating isn’t matzah, which means we make things like pizza! Instead of making the dough, I cheat and make a sandwich out of the simple stuff.

Take on sheet of matzah, spread marinara sauce on top, sprinkle cheese, and garnish.

You can toss it in the toaster over or microwave it. I recommend the nuke if you’re using really kosher matzah, as it tends to be a bit dry.