King Cake

I have no business making this cake.

Seriously. But I was missing King Cake, which I used to get in Chicago this time of year, so I dug out a recipe and got halfway in before I realized my problems:

  1. Not enough flour
  2. No milk

Big problems. I used Condensed Milk with a bit of water and some oat flour. This meant it didn’t rise properly (well that and I goofed up the yeast, shut up), but it tasted great.

To make the colored sugar is super simple. Put a half cup of sugar in a plastic bag and add two drops of food coloring. I did one red and one blue. At first it looked very patriotic, but as I shook the bag up, it finally became a lovely purple. I should have put more on the cake.

And no. I did not put a baby in the cake (nor did I shove a D&D character in it). That’s unsanitary.

(However I did think up an idea: A D&D campaign where you put a lot of little characters in the cake and whatever you find in your piece is your character.)

Source: All Recipes