A Very Full Tart

That’s what Yotam called it.

I said “That’s a very ugly potato.” But only because the potato in case was terribly ugly and I had to peal it.

This tart is cooked in stages, unlike my tatin which was a lot of prep but one bake. And as usual, I had the ‘wrong cheeses’ but as usual I made do. The tart was a pain in my ass because I dropped my pie crust all over the damn oven broiler. It was a crumby mess. I restarted with two crusts, since it looked like it would overfill one. Even for a very full tart, this was too very full. Or maybe…

It was two full.

This is really tasty. My wife, who is generally not a huge eggplant fan, liked it because I diced and roasted the eggplants for about an hour at 450℉ — enough to make them soft and tasty — and salted them right. The cool thing was this dish is literally vegetables, salt, pepper, and cheese. Which I guess means I made a quiche!

Source: Plenty, pg 84-85