Four Hour Baguette

“I want bread!”

We have tortillas and lavash, but I wanted fresh, warm, oven baked bread. A nice trencher with cheese or butter and jam.

I don’t make a lot of bread. I’m not patient enough for it. I hate kneading it. I just want the stuff. But this is a four hour cooking recipe. It’s not hard, just a little time consuming to set up. Once you make it through the first half hour, it’s mostly waiting for the bread to rise. The hassle is that it’s wait, work, wait, work, wait, work. Thank goodness for kitchen timers!

Bread is, in general, pretty basic. Flour, water, yeast, salt, time, oven. How you mix them and proportion them is the magic. Remember not to get the water too hot, or it’ll kill your yeast.

Sadly this batch was over-kneaded and over-baked. I followed the recipe. Next time, I’ll work it less, salt it more, and cook it less.

Source: Saveur