Fennel and Couscous

I’m back! I’m not sick, I’m not as exhausted, and I’m cooking. So I made something new.

I love couscous. I like it with flavors. So I did Israeli Couscous (the big pearl kind) by pan searing it first with a little oil and salt. When it was lightly browned, I tossed it into a pot with boiling water, baharat spice mix, pepper, ground up dried limes, cinnamon, and allspice.

At the same time I cooked some diced onions and sliced mushrooms with the same flavors, until they were browned and clear. Once they were done, I tossed them into the couscous to flavor everything even more.

Next up was the fennel! I’ve made it before, but this time I chopped the fennel even thinner. The last time I did it by slicing them in half. This time I did it about a centimeter thick. It made for a lot more cooking, but it also tasted better and was easier to eat. Except the ends. The roots are less fun. Once I cooked them all, I did the caramelization and tossed them back in to get the flavor.

I like this meal because it’s flexible. If we were still hungry, we could whip up some fish or veggie burgers. I did veggie cutlets since the flavor profile was right.