I Went to Japan and Now I’m Cooking (Again)

I used to cook. A lot. I lived alone, so I cooked every day. And then I moved in with my now wife and we split the cooking. And then she lost her job (a nice way of saying the company shut it’s doors) and she did more of the cooking. And then things happened and basically I haven’t really cooked anything except ‘things I know’ for a while.

Since I moved back to California and have been treating my depression with sunshine, bicycling, and exercise, I’ve been feeling … better. Able to do more things than be a sullen person poking a box every night. Sure, I still write every night (I love writing), but I added in things like Duolingo and the bike and archery.

When I saw my father in Japan last October, he cooked from the book Jerusalem, which he’d given me years before. Dad, I’m sad to say that book sat on a shelf, admired but not really used for years. Well, no more. The Monday after I got back from Japan, I rode my jet lagged ass to the store and bought eggplants, potatoes, and other food things from a recipe that looked interesting.

It was out of this world.

So I’ve been cooking something new at least once a week for the last two months. I’ve mastered eggplants (though the greek yogurt/pomegranet sauce on the roasted eggplants were a miss), and I’m the queen of sweet potatoes. I’ve pulled off mejadra and a ‘chicken cake’ with layers of layers on layers of everything from deep fried cauliflower to thinly sliced vegetables.

I had forgotten how fun it was to make things I had no experience with. And the book has such wonderful photos that you really get an idea of what you’re making. I went and grabbed one of the other books, Plenty, which is filled with vegetarian recipes to make you drool.

I was going to list the ones I’ve made, with photos, just to make you think you should come over to my house.

I’ve made a lot.

So now they’re all up on food.ipstenu.org – I’m going to try and post when I make new things.