Coffee (AeroPress)

For my birthday last year, Chris Lema got me an AeroPress.

This is a one-cup coffee maker what combines methods used by drip and extraction brewers. At least it does the way I make it.

  1. Set up the AeroPress upside down
  2. Grind a scoop of coffee
  3. Pour it into the AeroPress
  4. Boil water
  5. Pour water into AeroPress
  6. Pour water into filter
  7. Cap AeroPress and wait 60 seconds
  8. Invert into your cup
  9. Press coffee through filter
  10. Empty AeroPress into trash
  11. Enjoy coffee

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not. The longest wait is for the water to boil. It’s important to have hot water. While I love bringing this to hotels for travel, not all hotel coffee makers get the water hot enough to extract the yummy goodness from the beans. You can tell it’s right if you get a good froth.

I use Blue Bottle coffee (the link’s an referral link).