Yotam’s Spice Cookies

These look like, but are not, Grandma Bertie’s Christmas Cookies.

She wasn’t a great cook. She made good jam, but these cookies were horrible. People can say what they want, but I promise you, I couldn’t give these away in college. As the story goes, my grandmother’s second husband, Grandpa Sid, had a sister who made German Christmas Cookies. They were awesome. Bertie tried to make them and failed, repeatedly. We have no idea why.

Imagine my shock when I saw a recipe that looked ‘like’ them in Yotam’s book! He couldn’t possibly have a terrible cookie like those in his book.

The first time I made these, they were okay warm, but the batter was shit and they got nasty when cold.

The second time…

I have to note that I screwed these up, stupidly putting the sugar in with the dry ingredients in a brain-fart moment. If this was a cooking show, I’d have thrown it out and started over. I didn’t, of course, and mixed them all together, making them less fluffy than intended. I also had to use whiskey instead of brandy since I don’t have Taffy’s armoire.

The damned thing I can’t figure out is why the photo has these lovely, light colored cookies, and every time I make them, the 5 oz of dark chocolate have them coming out dark, dark brown. I know that using the chocolate I did makes them more bitter, sadly. They are interesting, I’ll give them that.

Oh and these are eaten when I try to give them away at work.

Source: Jerusalem, pg 278-279