Casper Unboxing


Moving from a Queen to a Queen + Cats is weird.

First of all, the size is noticeable when you have a Queen mattress. There’s an 8-inch gap on either side!

But the Casper arrived within 2 days. I ordered Sunday, called and tweaked the order, and it showed up Tuesday at 1pm.

The Bad

It’s heavy. 110lbs in the box, and we had to get it upstairs on our own. My wife did it alone. You all should bow and praise her.

Look at that! It’s not 80″ or 76″ wide, though, it’s compressed.

That brings up the other bad thing. It’s not actually clear how to unroll it. It says to place it in position and grab that loose bit on top and unroll. No indication of up or down, and you know, you know that you don’t want to screw that up.

The Good

Just unroll it. Seriously. It’s set up so you cannot get it wrong. We hefted it onto the bed and unrolled. That gave us a shrink-wrapped bed in another plastic bag to protect it. We tore that open and in less than four minutes there was a new bed on our frame.

They joke on the website that you may want to video it to show the unboxing. You could vine that sucker. It’s fast.

The Interesting

It smelled of plastic, but not as bad as the pillows I’d grabbed at Ikea two days before. We put the fans on and let it alone while we ate dinner. By the time we were done, the bed smelled like … a bed.

If you’re interested in getting a Casper, use my affiliate link http://casper.com/friends/ipstenu (or the promo code ‘ipstenu’) and get $50 off.