Casper The Friendly Bedpost

We got a new bed. After arguing the mattress was ‘fine’ for the last year, and filpping it every time we changed the sheets, I announced “We’re buying a new bed for my birthday!” and that was that.

The Bed

We went big. Casper is a web-only mattress company. The mattresses are expensive-ish ($950 for a king queen + cats), but in reading the reviews on the website and off, I determined it’s a green product, vegan, and meant to do two very important things:

My wife has a hard time getting comfy in bed. This was important. She also gets overheated.

Of course, buying a mattress without testing it is hard! You can lie on the mattress in a store, but until you sleep on it, you don’t know. When I saw the 100 night promise, I knew I could try it.

You have 100 nights to decide to keep any Casper product. If you decide the mattress isn’t right for you, reach out to us (support@casper.com) to arrange a pickup. We’ll send a courier over to remove the mattress from your home and donate it to a local charity or recycling center whenever possible. You’ll be refunded 100% — every penny.

100% free. And they pick it up.

The bed arrived on May 3rd, and I set up an alarm for 60 days. “Do you like your bed? Y/N? If No, email Casper!”

The Frame

I got an Ikea.

Look. We went to multiple stores and found hundreds of ugly, over designed, heavy beds. We wanted few things:

Optional was storage space underneath. But it was really important that it felt light. The problem there is the super light ones were all super modern and my wife didn’t like that. A simple, pine bedframe would be nice, but those were hard to find in Queen+Cats sized, and I wanted a larger bed. Finally we settled on a solid wood (important) bed from Ikea that fit all our requirements. It was tall, it had room for storage, and it was light.

It looks less short in reality. I lay on it in the store (a queen) and while I don’t understand why people put a bajillion pillows on that you just have to take off, it was quite nice.

The End Result?

I have 100 days to decide if I like the mattress, so I’ll check back in at 60. I will note that the bed is not marriage destroying, however read through the directions carefully before you start, and I strongly recommend you get three people for the build, not two. Also beer. Beer is good.