This Blog Supports Cleveland Baseball

I have another post, a 1000 words (give or take) on the problematic nature of the name and logo for the Cleveland’s MLB team. I wrote 1000 words about the racism and the disrespect of those things. And 1000 words about the complexities of retiring a name and a logo in a way that wouldn’t spiral Cleveland into an economic shithole, where it generally lives anyway.

I’ve come to a decision that no matter what you call the team, Indians, Naps, Blues, Spiders, or Broncos, I will root for them … Okay maybe not Spiders.

The point is, the name and the logo are a problem. So are the Redskins, the Braves, the Black Hawks, and I’m sure I’m missing someone. It would be great if they’d all band together and rebrand as one great big “We done fucked up” moment.

I’m one fan they won’t lose if they do.

Meanwhile. I wish for Cleveland to win the World Series.