BBQ Seitan, Zucchini, and Potatoes

Seitan is a vegetarian ‘wheat meat’ which is really fun to say. This was a BBQ seasoned package that smelled too sweet to me, so I re-seasoned with salt, pepper, and A1. Yes. A1.

The zucchini were tossed on a baking sheet with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Cook ’em at 425 for at least 30 minutes. More if you like them crispy.

The potatoes were new potatoes, done in a pan, which is hands down my favorite way to do them. Heat the skillet (cast iron of course) to medium, with a mix of olive and canola oil at the bottom. Season with salt and pepper, maybe a little garlic and onions, and then when it’s hot, put the potatoes in.

There’s a secret, though. See, to do the potatoes right, you cut them in half, long wise, and then segment them but keep them in their half-potato shape. Put them down in the pan so the long half is on the pan and the skin side is up, but keep them as a unit. This is really important. Cook them at medium for 10-20 minutes, or until you think they might be burnt. Then drop the heat to low (or simmer if you can), and leave it alone for another 20 minutes. When they’re soft, they’re ready.