A sample trunk

I suck at dressing myself. It is what it is. But at the same time I want to look better than jeans and a t-shirt. It’s not ‘dress for the job I want’ but ‘dress to look snazzy’ and .. yeah.

TrunkClub offers to help you out with that. You tell it what your size is (height, weight, though not bra yet…) and pick what clothes you like and don’t like. Then someone calls you and you chat about your preferences. The stylist next picks out some clothes for you and sends you a link to pick and chose which you like. You can leave comments like “Color is nice but no buttons” and so one. That narrows down the picks and you get a trunk in the mail.

This is where it was totally awesome for me. You try it all on, pose for your spouse, and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. There’s a feedback form where you can pick why you like (or don’t like) a thing. Like I got a totally awesome mandarin collar shirt that was too tight in the upper arms and too snug around the boobs. I left a long note about how much I loved it. There was, similarly, a black shirt that looked great on the website, but on me it wasn’t great.

There are pros and cons to all this. First off, if you haven’t subjected yourself to shopping in stores, you don’t really know your ‘size.’ Not that sizes for women’s clothes make any sense at all (seriously). Secondly, it’s really hard to explain you ‘style’ when you don’t have one. You have to be very hard on yourself, honest and open about what you want, and willing to try new things. Third, if you don’t ‘gel’ with your stylist, it may not be a good thing for you.

The biggest problem I have with it is that they’re Nordstrom’s based, which means the price is expensive. The quality is pretty good, though. My new sweater is awesome. And I’m actually sad that the others weren’t quite right. Average per-item costs will be around $100. Now before that scares you off, remember you’re getting a stylist to help you pick out good quality and designed clothes. This isn’t The Gap for a reason.

And the best thing that comes out of this is I’m getting a better idea of ‘my style.’ Which means (sorry Becca!) I’ll be able to shop for myself eventually.

What does the trunk look like? I should have taken photos, I know, but here’s an example:

A sample trunk

My trunk had 14 items. Three pairs of pants, a pair of shoes, a belt, three shirts, four sweaters, and a scarf. I kept a shirt (brown), a pair of pants (brown), and a sweater (blue). The rest didn’t fit right or weren’t quite right for another reason. I folded everything, put it back in the box, used the provided tape to re-seal it, slapped the pre-printed label on it, and left my feedback. As soon as I did, the website told me to click ‘here’ to schedule a UPS pickup for the next business day. It was perfect.

Will I use them again? I think so, yes. At least once more. I made sure to give as constructive feedback as possible. After all, this will only help me if I’m honest!

Men and women who are trying to get started, check out TrunkClub. I give it thumbs up. ?

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  1. We met once, but don’t know if you are anal or if you care at all. One side of me is a “Felix Unger”. “Color is nice but no buttons” and so one” should be “Color is nice but no buttons” and so on”. Delete this if you like. Enjoy your opinionatedness.

    1. @Randall: … anal? That was a funny way to phrase it 🙂 I’m a Felix who dresses like Oscar.

      I think you should be able to look good and feel comfortable and be happy. My problem with ‘style’ is that I don’t really understand it so I hired someone to help me 🙂

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