The Grocery Store

Once in a while I dream about a grocery store that is a melange of all the ones I’ve ever known. I know what’s in every aisle of that dream store.

The bread asile is from the Big Bear by the Del Mar racetrack. The frozen foods is from Russo’s back in Cleveland. There’s a strange toy asile I couldn’t place for years, but finally realized it was the Jewel by my first Chicago apartment. Which didn’t have a ‘toy’ asile.

I know the layout of this store. I’ve been trapped in it, hunted zombies in it, chased down criminals… What I’m doing in the dream always changes, but the store is the same. Where the store is changes too. Sometimes it’s by a McDonalds and other times it stands alone off a freeway I’ve never seen. Once it was on a space station.

No matter what, it remains the same store. And the more grocery stores I visit, the more get added on to my dream. Not all of them. Heinen’s did but no Whole Foods ever has. But still. There is this store I visit in my dreams. If I ever remember a dream about a grocery store, it is this one.

Maybe it’s a reflection on how all these stores are fundamentally the same or, maybe, it’s true that our dream selves can traverse universes.