Red pepper & baked egg galettes

This is not what the dish is supposed to be. I did it the ‘real’ way once, where I had the puff pastry base and a ring of roasted red peppers and onions, with an egg in the center. I loved the taste but I sucked at getting the eggs right and the pastry was too flaky.

Christmas eve, like proper Jews, we had planned to make won tons and enjoy some Asian food. But before that we were going to go to Star Wars and I was getting a hair cut. Since I wanted a light lunch, I thought I’d try it again. I roasted the veggies, went to get my hair cut, and on the way home decided that I didn’t want the same thing I’d made before…

Cutting the pastry into smaller squares, I greased muffin tins, shoved them in, filled with the veggies and cheese, folded the tops in, and baked. Some had eggs, but the cheese worked way better. We used a mix of goat cheese and queso blanco. The queso melted better, but the goat had a nice flavor.

Source: Jerusalem, pg 242-243