Q&A 2015

Are you still using the AeroPress?

Every day! Love it!

How about the bike?

Three to four times a week, depending on things. Love it too. I did learn that 100 degrees is a bit much to bike in.


Every week I can. It’s had the side effect of making my upper arms not fit in women’s shirts.


So far, still going. I liked Sense8 and Daredevil but also getting to catch some movies we’d missed and TV shows I never watched. It’s missing some great things, though.

I haven’t seen you as much in the support forums. Why?

Busy! I’m writing a lot more code at work now which I love, but it eats into support time. So I try to do quality vs quantity.

Are you still writing stories?

You bet! Every day. Also poetry. And now you’ve all run off screaming.

Traveling a lot?

A lot a lot. Two overseas trips this year, multiple events, lots of WordCamps. Not as much for fun as I’d like, but I enjoy travel.

Why are you having such a sad over CSI ending?

Because I run Jorja Fox: Online and I will miss the show a great deal.

What do you think about the new Google logo?

It’s a little Sesame Street but I like it. I hate how it made the internet slow for a few days with everyone re-downloading all the branded images.