It’s Okay to Wish me Merry Christmas

I don’t celebrate it. I do wish it people whom I know to celebrate, however. And, all things considered, I don’t mind when people wish it to me.

This is true. You can send me holiday gifts under any guise (though I would prefer if you gave to a charity that you think I’d agree with instead). You can send me ornaments, even though I can’t use them myself.

The deal is this. I understand the meaning behind the gift and the words. You’re not trying to press your holiday on me, you’re trying to express that, for you, this is a thing you’re doing.

At the same time I understand why many people get annoyed that the default assumption is that everyone celebrates Christmas. It’s very wearing and draining to hear it every day for half a month or so. And it’s awkward for me. What do I say back when someone says “Have a good Christmas!” I’ve taken to replying “Thank you. I had an awesome Hanukkah. Have a good holiday.” I accept the words in the spirit they’re given.

But I do have a holiday I celebrate ‘around’ this time. There are a lot of people who hate the holidays for various reasons. People have nowhere to go and the constant barrage of Holiday Greetings wears them out. It’s like the entire universe is celebrating something and they have nothing. And they feel like shit. What do you do for them? Is there a greeting you can give them that won’t offend or dig up pain?

I’ve taken to using Taffy’s greeting: Have a happy happy and a merry merry.

I know it’s not perfect, but the one time someone snidely replied “A happy what?” I had an answer.

“A happy day, sir.”

If you wish me Happy Christmas, I won’t be offended, just like I know you won’t mind if I wish you Merry Hanukkah.

Have a happy happy folks, and a merry merry. And remember that every day is ‘Don’t be a dick’ Season.