Inverted Method

No, not the AeroPress, though I do brew that way.

I stumbled across an article about how someone turned his watch upside down, inverting it, and it made it easier to use. It’s very simple to do.

  1. Take the band off and put it back on backwards
  2. Change the settings for watch orientation to have the crown on the other side


It was a little weird at first. I’d been using my forefinger or thumb to scroll, not a pinch like I do on a traditional watch, but really I don’t use the crown much to scroll. I’m a flick scroller, except when setting a timer. Then I’m a Siri user.

Since I’ve begun wearing my Apple Watch this way, I’ve noticed another reason to go with it. I would occasionally activate Siri when I bent my hand and wrist at hard right angles. That doesn’t happen anymore.

I noticed that too, and my first thought was “calling 911 when I’m tied up is going to be hard…” Because that happens all the time!

Basically you’d wear it as if you were left-handed, but on your left wrist

It only lasted a couple days for me. It felt odd and unnatural, but the deal breaker is that I use the crown to click back to the watch face and I couldn’t get used to it on the lower left. Maybe the upper left would have been okay.

I did keep my watch band on ‘backwards’ though. I use a Milanese Loop and its almost too long for my wrist. Yes, I have long, slender, hands and wrists. Strong but slender. I’ve always had issues with watch bands, and the permanently adjustable loop is perfect for me. Also I think it’s sexy as hell. Normally the loop ‘tab’ with the magnet is on the pinky finger side of my wrist. Inverted, it’s on the thumb side, and this made it fit better.

Surprise. Surprise.