Chermoula eggplant with bulgar & yogurt

Seen with the pear and potato mixture on my plate, because I was too hungry to wait and make a photo of the prettier version, I love eggplant. My wife not so much. This dish was workable because of the bulgar. She could mix everything up.

I have to remember not to make eggplants every week for her. I would happily eat them every day. I’m not sure who I learned to love the aubergine from, but I do, I do, I do.

While the recipe calls for a lot of garlic and olives, my wife doesn’t like the former and I dislike the latter. We had a teeny bit of garlic and she couldn’t even find the olives.

This is an entree, but I served it with salmon for a dinner with our friend Cat Ellen. It was well received.

Source: Jerusalem, pg 58-59