Who Taught Me That?

The other day I did a WordPress talkshow (WPwatercooler) and at the end, my friend Sé remarked that I had a really nice voice for radio, and it was very soothing. To that, I said I should thank my cousin Dan, who taught me how to talk for radio when I was but a wee thing. Don’t believe me? Here’s me as Shirley McClaine:

This got me thinking, though. Who taught me what? Like I remember Aunt Susan teaching me to tie my shoes (yes, I still do the bunny ears), and Taffy teaching me math (after yelling at Dad), and Dad teaching me to drive stick shift and ride a bike, my Mom teaching me to ride a horse. I remember the aunties in FAB (at Taffy’s) teaching me how to use sewing machines, and Aunt Roie teaching me hand-sewing. Mom taught me about caring for animals and being safe around the bigguns. Bertie taught me about stamps (yeah, weird, I know). Harvey taught me by example how not to be a family.

I learned everything important, that makes me who and what I am, from my family who raised me. So I know I don’t make this known enough but I have an amazing family. There are these kinds of people out there, and I know them. I am them.

I love you guys.