They’re Not M&Ms

When I was recently in New York for a WordCamp, I saw some of my Canadian friends were coming and asked if they wouldn’t mind smuggling me some candy. Smarties in particular. My American friends (whom are the majority) asked why didn’t I just go to the store and get these:

And I screamed NOOOOO like Darth Vader, king of the Light Vaders (look, I was 5 and the StormTroopers wore white). I did not mean that crappy Sweet/Tart knock-off everyone tried to get rid of on Halloween, I meant Nestlé Smarties, a hard-shell chocolate candy. My American friends eyed me curiously and said “M&Ms?”

Again, NO!

M&Ms are sweet, nearly sickeningly so to me these days. They’re more sugar than chocolate. Smarties are flavoured naturally and aren’t super sweet. They’re enhanced, with a fruit undertone that is so delicious and tasty… Almost like a tiny bit of orange in every bite, but they’re not like the orange chocolate eggs. They’re so subtle and wonderful and bring back memories of visiting my relatives as a kid. Car rides with my mother. People with funnier accents than Cleveland. They’re still the taste of youth to me, where as M&Ms and other US candy has become unbearably saccharine.

And, damn it, I can’t buy them in the US! I don’t know why, I just know Amazon was sued over selling them and I have to resort to presents from friends. But god, I love me Smarties. And I’m telling you, they don’t taste like M&Ms, they’re not some cheap knock off. They’re a totally different beast.

Andrea and Christine, I still have the two big bags, but I’m giving my mom one.