The Dark Nights

That photo hit my Twitter stream and I stared at it for a long time. That was where I lived and worked for a long time. The building on the right is the company I worked for. There’s a Caribou coffee on the bottom right of the building, out of the frame. Across the street to the left is a Starbucks. If you walk three blocks towards the tower building in the back of the frame, on the left is the BofA building we worked at for 2 years.

The train stations are behind the tower, and to the right of the buildings, one street over. In fact, that’s where the elevated trains are. I used to get off at the one by the jump if I wanted Caribou, otherwise I’d take it an extra two stops to Van Buren and get off behind my building.

When this was being filmed, I worked further away, down by Maxwell Street. If you’ve seen The Blues Brothers, I used to work near where they filmed the Aretha Franklin scenes, and it looks nothing like that now. Every day, if I took the Metra, I walked past the place where they filmed the bank robbery scene from the beginning of The Dark Knight. It was a closed factory, and we saw the zip lines used for those scenes, and people zipping back and forth. The back of that building, on the river, is where the police station was.

The helicopter that The Joker blew up was left on the street under the tracks for days. We got used to it, and other random military vehicles just hanging around. I saw Gary Oldman multiple times, but never Christian Bale or Heath Ledger. Then again, most of the filming was at night (duh) so it wasn’t like I expected to see them much at all.

I shared this photo with some coworkers at DreamHost and one asked if I missed Chicago.

I do and I don’t. I miss a lot of things, but I like it better here. I feel like I’m a better person here. But sometimes, looking at a photo like this, remembering being there for that, I miss it.