No FaceBook

I was having issues with my work computer. It was slow and annoying me as I tabbed between apps, so I decided to do the logical thing. I cut down all the apps I was running until I was down to just what I needed to survive. It was still slow. So I looked at what was using the most memory (besides email, I knew that was a pill).

Like a lot of people, I have a lot of browser windows open at any one point in time. I work in them, I’m always answering and refreshing and reading. It’s just how I work and how I have to work. So I started closing out windows I didn’t really pay attention to. First it was Google Plus, then it was Facebook. And around that point in time, my computer decided to play nicely (as much as it can) and I forgot about it for a while.

A week later, I realized how little I was using Facebook… and how little I cared about it.

Two weeks and I had forgotten to log in.

I think this is a thing for me now. I’ll keep the account, to keep up on some of you people, but I just don’t care about it. In fact. I feel better not using it. Go figure.