No Death Watch

I joked that Stan Lee was on my 2014 Death Watch, but really I just can’t bring myself to do it this year. I started fiddling with my list, and I stopped thinking about my grandmothers and my wife’s grandfather, all of whom died within four months. It was sort of a sucker punch I hadn’t expected, and it still hurts.

When I think about it, it’s good that it hurts. It’s good that I still look at the football season and think “Taffy liked football because, of all the sports balls teams, they still wear tight pants.” It’s good I remember going to the waterpark with Bertie, and cousin Mike being terrified he drowned Grandma. It’s good I remember GL sitting there pretending to be deaf because he wanted you to say he looked good again. I loved them all. I wish I had more time with GL especially, since he was only really a part of my life for a decade, and that wasn’t long enough.

There are questions I’ll never have answered that make me sad, like Taffy’s boyfriends… Which she actually told me I did know, and I was the only one, but I get the feeling she told us all that. I wish I’d been there when she was a little younger, so I could have seen her in her prime. I wish… I wish.

I can’t do a death watch, since I used to call Taffy and ask her “Who do you still watch/listen to who’s older than you?”

Yes, there’s the secret of my successful death watch. It was Taffy’s. She pegged Nelson Mandela back in February. I had Marian McPartland but she’s been on the maybe-list for a while.

So no, Stan, you’re not on my list because there is no list. There may not be one again.