Good News You Can’t Share

I do hate this. When you want to run around shouting at people “Oh my god, you guys!” and you totally can’t because you just can’t talk about it yet.

It’s like when you’re pregnant, no I’m not, but you don’t want to be public about it yet because you’re only two months and what if the worst happens? It’s not like you want to keep a secret, but sometimes you just are in a position where you know something that would not be proper to discuss the thing.

Often worse is when you know something, not about yourself, that you can’t talk about. Like if a friend is pregnant, and you spot it because she looks just like her mom and sister when they were pregnant, and you’ve known them a million years, and for god’s sack, Sally, we all know!

Then there’s the bad news you can’t share. Stuff you’re not supposed to know is the worst, because you can’t talk to ANYONE about it. I hate that. I hate finding something totally by accident, especially things I don’t want to know. I hate that the worst. I didn’t want to know someone was cheating on their spouse, or someone else went to jail. I always end up finding this stuff out.

So the point today… There isn’t one. Just saying.

Here. Have a video.