A Bit of Denim

A long time ago, my mother called me laughing. She’d been with her husband buying pants, like you do. My stepfather’s picky about his clothes, and was equally fussy about his jeans. So as he stood in the store, trying on the denim, he didn’t really notice the other gentleman standing with him. My step-father turned, looking at himself, and so did this other man. He turned again, and so did this other man. And this went on for a while, my mother finding it hilarious and my step-father having no idea.

Finally he decides he likes the jeans and leaves to change, as does this other man, and the other people around applaud, confounding my step-father, who had no idea he just did a Harpo Marx level bit with Robin Williams in the dressing room of the store.

I can’t ever say he was my favorite actor, and rumors of him stealing jokes cannot be avoided (or, frankly, denied), but he knew how to be funny. In a really dark, depressing world, he made people laugh.