You Know You’re On TV When…

I was watching The Fosters (not a deep show, but cute) when I mused the following:

“You know you’re on TV when your wife brings home an unannounced foster child the same day you’re partnered with your ex-husband at work.”

This amused my friends, and I continued, thinking of Rizzoli & Isles:

“You know you’re on TV when your mother moves in with your best friend.”

Or maybe Castle:

“You know you’re on TV when your boyfriend lives with his mother and daughter, but that makes him cool.”

How about Veronica Mars:

“You know you’re on TV when you used to date your best friend’s brother, who may be your half-brother too, and may have killed your best-friend.”

Let’s branch out to a movie like Star Trek:

“You know you’re in a movie when an alternate you from a future that doesn’t exist says it’s more important for you to have a bromance then repopulate your decimated species.”

Or Star Wars:

“You know you’re in a movie when you rescue a princess, totally make out with her and annoy your new best friend, who also likes her, only to find out she’s your sister, and no one mentions how gross that made the make out session.”

How do you know you’re on TV (or a movie)?