There is Crying In Baseball

Right now, I still cry off and on, thinking of things I would talk about with Taffy. People have told me it was a year before they stopped thinking about their loved ones every day. In particular, my mother mentioned that to me about her father, who died right before she confirmed she was pregnant with me, so I wonder if I made it easier or harder for her…

Still right now the hardest thing is listening to the ball games.

Tuesday night, the Indians caught a player in a run-down, which is essentially playing pickle in the middle with a guy who, in stead of trying to catch the ball, is trying to avoid being tagged. He was caught between third and home, running back and forth, until finally he was safe… and the guy who had been on third was out.

Then on Friday, an Indian was safe at second. That’s normal, right? Well he thought he was safe. The shortstop had the ball in his hand still, you see. What happened was Reynolds hit a long ball for a double, scored the runner who’d been at second, and slid into second himself, overrunning the base a little. The announcer even said he was out, as the shortstop caught the ball and tagged. But no, the ump signaled safe, with Reynolds to the far side of the base, and you could see the “Oh! Shit!” look on Reynolds’ face as he realized the shortstop still held the ball! He jumped back to second, diving, and was tagged out. It was hilarious. You can watch that video here (it’s not embedable).

And all I could think is how hard Taffy would have laughed at those moments.

Right now, baseball is letting me hold on to her closely.