Global Mika/WordPress Day

Sometimes when people ask me “Mika, how did you get so into WordPress?” I’ll reply “Because we share a birthday!”

That’s not true. I mean, yes we do share a birthday, but no, that isn’t how I got into WP. It’s just a really amusing coincidence.

But yes, WordPress turns ten on May 27th. I turn 36. And the reason I’m posting is not to tell you my birthday wishlist (WP flask, ping pong paddle, bookshelves, grill stand, patio furniture, a visit from the Doctor…), but to say that WordPress is having a round the world party on the 27th!

So if you’re having a party, check out the WP Post about the meetups, and join in: Save The Date: May 27

(I don’t think 50 people will fit at my house… maybe I’ll throw a party at my office? I usually do something small…)