Four Months, Three Grandparents

So here was my life before this year. Pretty normal:

And then there was my life since April:

The last three are little more brutal than I expected. Everyone except Taffy was kind of expected. Losing three within three months is … weird.

Anyway. So that’s what’s been going on and why I may be off.

I know a lot of you are thinking “Oh, fuck, what can I do?” and the answer is “Nothing right now, but that’s okay.” I really am okay with all this right now, as much as I can be with all this. I know my friends sympathize, and I will collect all the hugs y’all want to pass out at WordCamps and work and so on. But y’know… It’s fucked up. I know it. It’s confusing and conflicting and sad and angry and all those things. It’s also okay.

We knew GL was sick and dying. We knew Bertie was sick and dying. Taffy was a gut-punch because she went from Taffy to dead in 20 days without any prep or warning.

Today Taf would have been 93.