Too Many Happy Posts

Happy Poohnau
That was an actual complaint from a friend. “You post too happy now.”


The truth is, I am happy. I sleep better, I eat better (and less), I get a little more sun, and I’m enjoying things. I do need to get some bookcases, so we can finish unpacking, but … I’m sorry, I got nothing to complain about except paying off moving costs. So y’know I’m happy. Heck, Obama won last night and I’m delighted. A friend of mine got cast as an extra a guest star on CSI (he’s a huge fan) and I’m so stoked for him. My nephew was christened (Jews In Church! All the Lulz!) and we had a nice party. My bed got here, and I’ve been catching up on sleep.

The only thing I’m ‘behind’ on is WordPress Plugin Reviews. Which is understandable. I’m also behind on watching Tabletop and The Guild, but in part that’s because their RSS feeds are total crap and I have to sign up for all of GeekAndSundry’s posts to see ’em. For the record: disabling/circumventing the default RSS category feeds in WordPress is crap — if we use RSS, we know how to use it. Oh and I’m not used to TV being an hour later. It’s weird.

Clearly these posts are crap because I’m too happy. I guess I need some random stuff to talk about?