Right Back Where I Started From

In 1997, I left college, packed my life up into a duffle bag, a camping backpack, a guitar case, and a trunk, and moved to Chicago. I ended there by happenstance. My old men (Arthur and my Dad) lived there, and I needed a new, safe, place to be. Chicago was a revelation. I’d never lived in a big city before, and everything was amazing. I walked or rollerbladed everywhere, then I started taking the CTA El and then the bus. I met and moved in with my wife, we moved to Lakeview, acquired furniture and pets, moved to Rogers Park, rode bikes, got a car, and now we moved 2100 miles to California.

I know, I keep saying all this over and over, but it’s still amazing to me.

So yes, I’m out here, I’m safe, I’m happy, and I had no furniture for a week. It showed up today. I highly recommend UsedCardboardBoxes.com and National Van Lines by the way. They were a little expensive, but they were good. No. Amazing.

Last Thursday at work I was informed I was giddy. Giddy. Me. And I really was. I was just filled with delight for being here, and working here. I played Table Tennis for 30 minutes (I had a lesson!) and I did okay. Everyone’s been really nice, checking in on me, seeming to be happy I’m here. I didn’t realize how crappy things were until now. I owe Jane for Short a thank you and a ‘You were right.’ She kept telling me I was more miserable than I thought I was. I didn’t realize I was drowning until I got that breath of fresh air.

The week zipped by with joy and ease. I didn’t mind extra work, or even working through lunch, because what I was doing felt productive. Even that guy who made the same mistake four times, and I had to edit his database directly to fix it. Four. Times. Friday DreamHost also did a beach cleanup with Surfrider, a group I raise donations for via JFO.

End of this week, I go to Tybee for work!