My Company Has The Crazy

I do like my company. I mean, I like the work, but the crazy has been pretty crazy these days. I cannot do any of the following here, due to policy/technology restrictions:

Now there are reasons for this I understand, but basically they decided to treat us all like criminals instead of finding more reasonable methods to prevent someone from taking company secrets. By the way, I can print up anything and carry it out the door, so this only stops techies from bring code places.

This list is expected to expand to blogs, Facebook and Twitter (all of which are actually permitted right now). This bothers me mostly because I love writing, and I often draft blog posts and work on them through the day. It’s looking like soon-ish that won’t be possible. After a day of funk and cursing, I made a plan and started looking into it.

Option 1 was to trade in my iPad 1.0 for a 2.0 with 3G. That’ll run me about $50 a month and can only be used on my iPad.

Option 2 is Virgin’s MiFi. For $150 outlay, I get a pay-as-I-go MiFi all my own. The lowest plan is $10 for 10 days, of a throttled network. I can up it to $20 for a month, or $50 for unlimited as fast as it goes. I only pay for what I use, I can use it in airports or at my grandmothers, on as many computers as I want.

So I’m putting my ‘I’d normally buy a coffee with this’ money aside for a MiFi.

At the same time, I thought I’d do a social experiment with my friends. I know a lot of you say things like ‘I owe you a coffee’ or a beer (working on it! I liked the one I tasted at Hubbit’s!). Okay, how about you toss in $5 and help me get a MiFi instead? I set it at $200 which is a MiFi + a month or two of access to see how it all works. And this is also a test of PayPal’s new widgety thing, which I’m thinking of using for something elsewhere.

ETA: As of noon I’d hit $130, and Amazon.com had a sale on the device for $65. Add in the $5 gift card someone gave me, and free shipping, it should be here Tuesday!