KDP Followup – The Books Sell

My ebooks have been up in Kindle for a month and a day and the numbers are interesting.

US books sold: 10
Total: $47.26

Now wait, I hear you say. At $7.99 a pop, with 70% royalty, that’s $55.93, what’s happening? Not all the books sell at that rate. Most go for the traditional 35% and no, Amazon doesn’t specify why. I also sold three copy on Amazon.de for £4.44 profit or there about ($5.45 USD) which is about $16 US so my total is lingering at $64.

I admit, I’m not pushing these as much as I might, so that’s really not terrible. This result is for the combined total from WordPress Multisite 101 and WordPress Multisite 110.

The part that is annoying me right now is that the Kindle Store pays you 60 days after the first month where you make over $10. So July I made about $30, but I won’t see that money until October first, give or take. Does that seem odd to anyone else? If feels like they’re still a little mired in the old paper way of doing business.

I still get a grin seeing myself show up in a search for ‘WordPress Multisite’ on Amazon, though!