I Crashed The Database (Meetup)

Today I was supposed to be flying to San Francisco. Instead, I had to fly in last night because of “the storm.” By the way, heard much about that? No? Riiiight. Anyway, I tweeted “Fucknuts!” and got a new flight for 8pm Thursday, and then announced to Twitter that I had nowhere to stay. My friends astounded me, and especially Jane Wells (aka Jane For Short, and yes, I know what it’s short for), who asked Automattic peeps if anyone in SF had a spare bed.

By the time I got home to pack, the WordPress Data Team Meetup had a spare bed for me. So I flew to SFO, took a Shared Van to their rent-house, and now I’m mooching their WiFi.

We stayed up till 3AM, and I met a tone of people I’ve ‘known’ for ages, like Koop and Chexee and Andy and so on. I also met Joen, Greg, EgillMartinJeff, and Jon, plus a lot of people I didn’t catch names of. I needed a cheat sheet, since I’m too used to people’s avatars! We talked about music, travel, and of course WordPress.

The part that’s cool to me is that it all just fell together. One minute I was thinking about staying in the in-airport hotel, alone, in SFO overnight, and the next I was hanging out till 3am meeting people and enjoying talking about everything from strategic deployments to eating fish and rice for breakfast.

I think I’ll have coffee instead.

Oh and this isn’t the Database Team, but the Data Team. Still, I walked in and joked I was crashing the party, and they said ‘You crashed the database!’ which … I did at work before leaving early. Fun fun fun!

Edited to add…

In the morning, I helped clean up the after party as a thank you to everyone for being cool. And despite Martin sitting across from me asking ‘Who’s this dude Ipstenu following me on Twitter? Is he a stalker?’ and making me go get my hat, it was a fun time. It was really nice Friday morning to hang out and talk about WordPress with like minded people, even when we argued, it was just … fun. And I got to see behind the curtain a little. That said, they left me alone in the house with a stack of these shirts and I want to steal one!