Avatar. Meh.

I finally saw Avatar. It was on FX, so I recorded it last week and watched it while I cleaned house on Sunday.


It was yet another ‘white guys save everyone’ garbage movie, just like ‘Dances with Wolves’ and ‘The Last Samurai’ and countless other movies where a guy comes in and saves the poor natives, and becomes one of them. The writing, let me say, was not stellar at all. I want to step back and point out I have no issues with the John Carter/Mars books, even though they follow the same premise, but only because they’re a function of their era. It’s the 2000’s. We should be done with this by now.

What did I like? Given that I have a huge crush on Sigourney Weaver, mostly her. I liked the science, would have liked more of that. What’s up with the elements, how did they make the avatars, etc etc. I liked the special effects, that was nice. I also liked some of the characters, and Joel David Moore (aka Mr. Fisher, the depressed squintern from Bones) was great if only for the meta layers of the episode where the Bones people went to that movie. Michelle Rodriguez was also note perfect as a chopper pilot, but it sucked that she died. Again. Movies, stop killing her!

All in all, I’m glad I didn’t see it in the theater, and I wont be watching the sequels.

Oh yeah, didn’t you know? James Cameron’s giving up all his other movies to make Avatar movies.

Guess that makes it easy for me to know what movies to avoid.