Spring Is Here

Usually I try to have one ‘nerd’ post over on Ipstenu.Code and then one normal post here, trading off and on.  Lately I’ve been very geeky though, talking about servers, and computer law and that sort of thing.  Which isn’t to say I’m not writing and doing my thing, but just there’s not as much here to talk about.

So let’s talk about biking!

Yesterday, Chicago remembered it was spring and cranked it up to 11.  It was 90 degrees out by Midway airport and Dottie over on Lets Go Ride a Bike talked about Blooming Bicyclists.  The magnolias are in bloom out here, and starting to shed in the street, which makes things look weird (they get brown and icky), but smells fantastic.  Speaking of smells, the septic issue in the building was fixed (minor issue, a sump pump got blocked, it backed up) and the apartments have all been trying to air out.  Now that it’s warm, we have windows open and it feels great.  Last night we even turned the fan on low to move the air around.

The little lady and I went for a short bike ride after work, getting our tushies in shape for riding again!  That first time you ride after a long break, your butt hurts and you get numb in weird spots.  It takes a couple rides to remember how to sit so nothing hurts, and how to angle yourself just right.

Today, even though there’s a 50% chance of rain right as I’m commuting home, I rode my bike.  If I get wet, I get wet.  If I get hailed on, well, I’ll live.  In 16 days I’ll be 34, and I already have a mysterious present sitting, waiting for me from the lovely Po Campo folks!  It’s from my Mother in Law, so I think I know what it is (Logan Tote or Armatige Satchel pleasepleaseplease!).  Oh, yeah, they name their products after Chicago landmarks.  Streeterville Clutch, Pilsen Bungee Handbag, and so on.

This month, I’m doing Bike the Drive with @sldownard and I’m a Team Leader for the Bike to Work Week Commuter Challenge.  Sign up now!

On slightly nerdy things, Apple let me keep both printers (I got two $100 printers for free!), I’m still trying to sell some old tech stuff (if you want a wireless router, a wired Ethernet hub, a USB hub, a scanner or a huge printer, let me know), my old UPS guy found me and was thrilled, and FedEx went out of their way to sort out a delivery option.  Alas, The Chicago Code, a TV show about cops in Chicago, was canceled.  Bummer, Fox.  This is why I don’t like you.