Row Your Bike to Work Week

This past week was Bike to Work Week (or the Bike Commuter Challenge).  I’m the ‘team leader’ for my new office location (we moved this week).  And I’m all wet.

Seriously.  Monday was weird, since I was now biking through downtown, but nice.  Tuesday I felt like I was getting the hang of it.  Wednesday I was so drenched my socks didnt really dry out, and a day later, my shoes were still wet!  Thursday was similar (though wisely I lugged my ‘spares’ to work and now have three pairs of spare socks).  Friday rounded it out with the Bike to Work Week Rally, which is always fun.

But lord have a towel, I’m a hoopy frood and it’s been way too wet this year!  I know it’s too wet when even the slightest rain sends up flood warnings.  The water table is way too high, the big ‘drain’ tunnel in Chicago is full.  I had to pop open the sewer drain in the back of my building to stop the puddle from forming.

Oh, half the reason I was so wet on Wednesday was because the drain at the park I bike past was clogged (this is a common occurrence) and as I biked past it, a car came zooming up, so I had to swerve into the puddle.  The puddle was so high, it touched my shoes as I pedaled.  And insult to injury?  The car hit the puddle too and showered me.  Thanks, sir.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your upholstery.

I have a ton of photos that I will, eventually, upload.  Right now, I’m off the bike for a couple days while I sort out why my knee hurts so damn much.  No, it’s not from biking: I did that anyway.