Bike The Drive Again

Chicago likes to say silly things like ‘Kick off summer with Bike the Drive.’  This year, Sabrina, a new (to me) friend Natalie, and I did Bike the Drive again.  I only did half, while the two psychos training for a triathlon did all 32 miles.  My ‘excuises’ for quitting half-way were three fold.

  1. It was wet and my feet were soaked
  2. My butt hurt
  3. I was slowing them down.

They wanted to go faster, I was going as fast as my wee little bike could handle, so clearly I would hold them back.  I have no interest in going super fast.

So why do I do this? Well, it’s fun. I know, I got up at 4am, took a CTA train through the fog (which got delayed 10 minutes at Addison because someone got in a fight), argued that I damn well was allowed to bring the bike on, and got a little lost when cellphone reception turned into a non-existent dream and I lost Sabrina. I could hardly see past my nose.

And I’m going to do it again in 2012!

One day I’ll actually get a grownup bicycle. Maybe. I don’t bike because I want to win a race, I bike because it’s my transportation and I enjoy it.

Thanks to Flickr, here are some images for you to enjoy!

If you want to see more pictures, Flickr seems to be the place to go.