As Seen On TV Isn’t My Thing

I don’t generally pay attention to stuff listed ‘as seen on TV.’  If I see a slanket (snuggie, whatever) I mock it.  Pajama Jeans are hilarious.  Those schools are clearly rip-offs.  The point is, I know that pretty much anything as seen on TV is probably decent, but amped up Billy Mays (may he rest in peace) style.  Oh and Oxy-Clean?  Kaboom!?  Not all that.  I do use Scrubbing Bubbles and Fantastic, but I’ve used them for years.  I’m a fan of Mr. Clean and Murphy’s Oil Soap, but my carpet is cleaned with Borax, salt and baking soda.  My rule is to never purchase anything with the tagline ‘As Seen On TV!’

I own two exceptions to that, my Swiffer and DampRid.

The swiffer, in the end, I think was a bad idea.  Oh sure, it’s great for dusting, but pledge and a cotton clothe works better.  And I can wash the cloth.  It’s a downright exaggeration about how it ‘attracts’ dirt, and it’s way too expensive and un-green for me.  I don’t like clean and throw away unless I have to.  And if I want a chemical that kills everything, I have bleach.  Dangerous, but it kills.

It may help to know that we use borax and soap to make laundry detergent, and I’ve been known to clean my carpet with borax and water.  I like baking soda to de-smell-ify my rugs, and while I do use Mr. Clean to scrub my floor, I prefer Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I have some Old English, as well, but also Bartender’s friend (for non-wood fixtures).  It’s not that I don’t trust the new, it’s that if I don’t understand what the chemicals are in a product, I rarely consider buying it.

So DampRid?

It’s actually not that weird.  It’s calcium chloride crystals in a breathable bag (or box) that you stick out and let it absorb the moisture in the air, funneling it into a catch basin.

And it actually works.  I hung one in my closet, put another one in the office, and finally one in the furnace room. Having seen the success, I’m going to get another one for my storage facility as well.  The damn stuff absorbed moisture in the air.

They also have stuff like Odor Genie, which uses charcoal to absorb the smells.  This is just basic, simple, science!  Can you make it yourself?  Yes, but it’s dangerous, as the chemicals can cause base burns.  ThritfyFun suggests you just buy it, since it’s pre-measured and safe, but save money and only get the refills (which I’ll be doing) and using your own plastic containers for the basins.

You can also use silica gell, but I find the fascination of DampRid enough to make me getting another set next month, to keep things dry down stairs.