You Are What You See (Redux)

Unlike a lot of my friends, I very rarely change my ‘profile’ image (avatar, gravatar, whatever). I find a picture I like and I leave it alone for as long as humanly possible. Since the summer of 2006 I’ve had Renee Montoya as The Question as my avatar. That’s about four and a half years of the same icon representing me. Before that I honestly can’t remember what I used, if anything. Probably whatever was around. I know for about a month or two I flirted with using Batwoman (sexy, smart, asskicking red-head), but Renee’s just so note perfect that I adore her. Plus? She gets to date Batwoman. Seriously.

Last month my mom got me a new hat (I think it’s a part of her ongoing war to get me to stop wearing baseball caps). I have a cute driving cap that my partner picked up for me in France, but it’s black and while I love it, it doesn’t go with everything. So while we were at a store, we started playing ‘try on the hat!’ We put on stupid ones and funny ones and ones that didn’t fit, until I plopped this brown one on my head. It was a collective ‘Oh!’ moment for all three of us. Both women in my life love it, and that’s all I really need. Bam. The hat was on and sold.

About a week later, I said ‘I should take a new avatar pic of me in the hat!’ This is, by the way, the first time in a year that I’ve even considered changing my avatar, and it’s the first time ever that I wanted to use me as my own avatar.

Monday I bit the bullet and we took a dozen pictures of me and the hat (with and without glasses), looking coy, looking bland, etc etc. Finally, the second to last photo was the perfect one. I played around with it, but didn’t end up doing more customization than making it square and shrinking it to a better size. Tuesday, I uploaded it to Gravatar, three forums, and made a new favicon for this site. Yes, that’s my little head up there. It’s ‘mostly’ recognizable. Kind of. And yes, I totally wanted it to pay homage to The Question.

I am who I am. A comic loving computer girl who likes to dress stylish without being fancy. Love me, hate me, I am what you see, but I’m a whole lot more too!