Wii the People

Mrs. Ipstenu came up with that title. We still love the Wii and play it at least 4 times a week. We exercise with it mostly, since we only own two games (Wii Fit and the default Wii Sports). So someone asked me what kind of Wii Games etc would I like.

Two more controllers to start with. Most games are up to four players. This would mean less juggling around when people come to bowl. Also things like the DECA Sports apps, or Wii Sports Resort (which is NOW included in new purchases… All I got was Wii Sports). Games where you get in there and jump around are the most fun. EA Sports Active look interesting as does the Tony Hawk skateboard game.

For the gamey game side, I kind of like Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart (the latter because I could play with my friends across the world but also because I can drive). A friend has a copy of Super Mario Bros, which I should probably pick up one day and play to see if I like that.

What games do you have and why do you (or don’t you) like them?