Twitter Wars: Winner and still champeeen!

The war is over, though she’s still pissed at me.

The fake Nicollette Sheridan, having been suspended three times, is finally back and up front and honest! @NicSherry is “Not Nicollette, just a FAN. (You can’t suspend me for that JOFU)”

JOFU is “Jorja Obsessed Fuck You” I think — she likes to call me JOF, Jorja Obsessed Fan, as a tweak on JFO. I know she’s so original, it hurts.

Here are her first four tweets (reverse order, per usual):

I tweeted her as JFO and myself, thanking her for admitting she’s a fan and welcoming her to Twitter. While I personally find her antics (the insults, harassment and bullying) to be distasteful, the fact that she’s slandering someone is offensive. And criminal in some states. Pretending to be someone you’re not in order to be a bitch to people makes it that much worse.

And yes, every time her account came back after she was suspended (@nicSheri became @nic_sheri, both of which were suspended), I reported her to Twitter and Nicollete’s agency. The agency info is public record, by the way. Anyone can sort that out. And I did not get her suspended. I simply pointed out to the right people that she was an idiot. They did the work. It’s not my fault that she got caught at lying. If she’d been better at it, she probably would have gotten away with it.

Personally, I’m content to leave her alone now. I’ve blocked her as JFO and have no intention of talking to her there. She’s welcome to chat me up as @ipstenu, but if she starts attacking me again for fighting the fight against fakers, bullies and harassers, well, it’s back to block she goes. As it stands, her attitude alone makes me roll my eyes and I’m pretty sure by the end of today I’ll have blocked her all around so as to enjoy Twitter more.

So here’s my ‘rules’ for the internet:

1) Don’t be a dick (but it’s okay to play one on TV)

Yeah, really, that’s it. Everything else is just an extension of that one rule. Insulting people? Is being a dick. Lying? Dick. Creating hate accounts? Dick. Impersonation? You see where this is going.

It’s really easy to be a dick on the internet. I’ll be the first to tell you, I can be a dick too! I don’t go out and mean to, and I try to apologize when I can. I’m not perfect, sometimes I just can’t back down or admit I’m wrong. Basically, I’m just like you. And with that in mind, would you like it if someone attacked, harassed, picked on and pestered you? No you would not. So let’s just not be a dick to each other.

Be excellent to one another. And party on, dudes!