Funeral Hotels

There was a death in the family over the weekend, and the funeral is tomorrow, so we trucked down to Mississippi Monday night and this morning, to attend the funeral. We have to swing back up to Memphis tonight to get someone at the airport. Did you know there’s no airport nearer the middle of the state than Memphis? Serious, Mississippi, what’s up with this?

This post is about hotels, however. Not funerals.

Last night we stayed at the Sikeston Holiday Inn and it was … Horrible. Usually it’s clean, smells good, and is moderately crowded but always has at least one room. This time it smelled. Like the carpet was doused in orange cleaner that didn’t actually remove the smell of feet, but intensified it. We went back and asked for a different room. This room was occupied. Finally we got an empty room, still smelled a bit, but whatever. Except … The floor wasn’t really clean, the place hadn’t been dusted in a while, and the air conditioner had no knob.

I ended up unplugging the AC and opening a window, and wrote a lengthy complaint before bed. I’ve been to this particular hotel many times, and this is the first time it sucked. The service was bad, the greeting was sad, and it wasn’t nice. I know hotel work sucks, but I also know I went out of my way to be polite and nice to the front desk. I appreciate their job.

Today we left at 8 and actually got to town a bit early. The hotel didn’t have regular rooms available, and free-upgraded us to a suite, and then discounted us some. They gave us a room with a fold-out couch, mini fridge, sink, etc. Clean and wonderful. And being napped in.