Bladder Stones (not BlackAdder)

The picture is not of my cat’s stones, but of some other cats have had. Think about how SMALL your cat is. Yeah.

So shortly before Thanksgiving, I noticed a drop of blood on the floor. I have two cats, so I checked them both out and found the normal scrapes and brusies on them. I assumed it was just normal cattery going on, and asked them not to kill each other. Everyone got a toenail trim and it was fine. Then, a couple days before Christmas, there’s blood on the mat outside the litter box. Now I worry, but when I check them out, I can’t see anything. They act normal, bouncing around and playing with catnip like normal.

One day later, there was a glob of blood left by the door, found by Mrs. Ipstenu. Off to the vet and we find out my baby has bladder stones. Mrs. Ipstenu feels guilty for not interpreting the meows of bitchiness correctly, but I still think she did a phenomenal job reacting to and handling it. I mean, I wouldn’t’ve been able to take the cat in for another day or two, but she was Johnny on the Spot. I adore her.

At this point we don’t know if they’re Struvite stones (which can be prevented with diet), Calcium Oxalate (surgery is the only option here), or something else. We’re headed back in a week to see if the food helps. She’s on Royal Canin right now, which when I looked it up, has some issues to be aware of. Like loose stool etc etc. I’ve been keeping tabs on the cat litter (changed it out totally and I check it every day), and we’ve had a couple loose stools, so I’m not really happy with this food. Purina has a brand that claims to do the same (I checked ingredients), as do Iams and Hills, so when we go back in, I’m going to ask the doctor if we can try those as well.