Timing is Everything Sometimes

So I wasn’t paying attention and the WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 (3.0) was announced April 26th. All plugins submitted between May 1 and July 31 are eligible. Ban Hammer went ‘live’ on Sunday May 3rd. It may actually be eligible, since I didn’t release the code when I wrote it. Look, you have to test, right? And I track my test versions to remember what I did. Anyway, their definition of public means it was put on the WP extend site. And mine wasn’t until May 3rd.

Actually Recently Registered didn’t get up on the WP site until May 1st, so it may be eligible too.

The one ‘gotcha’ for my possible submission (not that I think I’d win, but I think it’d be nice to try) is this:

You can only submit plugins that have been written for this competition and have not been released publicly before the start of the competition.

I didn’t. I wrote the plugin because I needed it.

Well, either way, once the contest opens I’ll submit them both and see what happens. Could be something, could be nothing, but it’s a nice attempt.