Redesign? Not Really

I decided that since about 99.999% of what I do on my website is the blog or the gallery, I’ve moved my website around to have the blog on the front page. That’s all.

Since I had everything in a blog folder, fixing this in WordPress took only a couple minutes. Two changes in settings, one new index.php file, and then the blog took over. There was a brief moment where the images were goofed, but this is my most favored SQL command:
UPDATE tablename SET tablefield = replace(tablefield,"findstring","replacestring");

Slap that baby in via phpMyAdmin to say ‘hey, blog.ipstenu.org/ is now ipstenu.org/’ and it was all smooth sailing. I was actually done with enough time to finish the coding that I get paid for and watch the inauguration. The hardest part was moving all my random pages over to WordPress pages.

I did not design this theme, by the way. It’s Jules Joffrin by ShinRa House. I just changed one image. I keep the footer link because, well, it’s polite.