On Beyond Gallery

I’m a fan of Gallery2, don’t get me wrong. When I sit down and look at my time spent on Coppermine, I shudder because I really do dig Gallery that much. But recently, with the upcoming Gallery3 and it’s ‘no upgrade path’ from G2, the door has been opened for me to look at other types of gallery products, for both myself (here on Ipstenu.org) and for JFO (my erstwhile fansite for Jorja Fox). Simply put, if I have to reimport all of my images, why don’t I look at all the options I have out there.

What I need (yes need) from a gallery system is (in no particular order):

Other things I can usually work around, but those are the ones I think I’d be mad if I didn’t have. It’d also be really nice if I could integrate it with WordPress.

The problem is, right now, Gallery2 does all those things (except themes – which are a mother and a half), but it’s really big. It always felt like it was ‘Too much’ for what I wanted. But it let me upload a .zip file full of images. I don’t need, or want, a multi-user gallery, just a one-person, maybe two, tool where I could update photos and stuff. Gallery3 will, eventually they say, be an easier tool for a one person gallery, but my experience thus far has been a struggle. It’s in Beta, so I’ll give it time.

My options really are Gallery2, Gallery3, WordPress, or CopperMine, and they all have drawbacks. On one hand, I think it’d be nice to use something like WordPress MultiUser, and have two blogs. A blog and a photoBlog. But WordPress isn’t really built for photos, and I worry that it’ll cause more CPU crying. Gallery2 is mostly a space-hog. I have 1.1 gigs of photos, and all the ‘temp’ files it generates and never cleans forced me to write up a cron script that scrubs the SQL database and purges temp files every day, to free up 100 megs a day.

If I look at JFO’s 1.1 gigs, it’s actually not counting the whole ‘g2data’ folder, which (including the photos) is 1.3 gigs. Which means there are 200meg unaccounted for, but taken up by g2data!

$ du -hs ~/gallery/g2data/albums/
1.1G /home/jorjafox/gallery/g2data/albums/
$ du -hs ~/gallery/g2data/
1.3G /home/jorjafox/gallery/g2data/

I can’t find any good comparison tools to tell me ‘With this many photos, this is your best gallery pic!’ It was easier with blogs, since I wanted to selfhost and Movable Type didn’t get back around to Open Source until 2007, at which point I was on WordPress, comfortable, and unwilling to move. It’s really all about timing.

And honestly, this may be where I end up with Gallery2. It does the gig, it doesn’t totally piss me off, and it’s there. I may stay with it until it dies. At least on JFO, where the idea of moving everything is shuddering. Here on Ipstenu.org though, a PhotoBlog may be it…